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Apple twists HomePod, now works with tvOS instead of iOS

Apple patents HomePod with Face ID for commands with the look

The operating system of HomePod, Apple's smart and wireless speaker, now based on tvOS, rather than on an ad hoc version of iOS. The news comes from analysis of the latest firmware. The update of the HomePod operating system to version 13.4 was released in March, together with the new versions of iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.

The iOS 13.4 release notes indicated "the introduction of support for Siri's voices in Indian English for HomePod" and generic "bug fixes and improvements". In practice, the multinational of Cupertino does not reveal the modification of the foundations of its smart speaker, but the important change and points directly to the future.

Both tvOS, and the previous operating system of HomePod, are nothing but variants of iOS and although there are differences, the essential foundations of the operating system are the same. The reference to Apple that is now used in HomePod tvOS comes from an article by Bloomberg published on Monday 13 April according to which Apple is working on a new model of HomePod which will be half the smallest of the current and should moreover cost less: we have talked about in this article. But indications in this sense have been circulating for years.

New for HomePod: this is how Apple enhances the Smart home speraker

Unfortunately in Italy and in many other countries HomePod not yet marketed: in the countries in which it was sold it was highly appreciated for its excellent audio quality, considered superior to many competing devices, less for Siri's capabilities and smart functions, also smart home , areas where Amazon Echo with Alexa and even Google Home devices have a significant advantage.

The transition of HomePod to tvOS seems the best solution for Cupertino in view of upcoming news in the field of smart speakers. While in fact iOS is enriched and updated at a fast pace, and soon it could lose support for the Apple A8 processor integrated in HomePod, tvOS gains new functions with longer timelines while maintaining compatibility with older Apple processors, but still perfect for top sets living room boxes and for less complex and demanding devices compared to smartphones and tablets.

For these reasons HomePod with tvOS the move that allows to foresee important new arrivals, including the new smaller and cheaper HomePod indicated for years now in the advances (in this article we report a concept that shows how it could be) and which will probably be launched within this year, including more extensive marketing in a greater number of countries and, this time hopefully, also in Italy.

homepod 2 concept 1

Recall that in the past few days an Apple patent has been discovered which describes the implementation of a video camera in HomePod, both for the recognition of people through Face ID but also for a series of new gestures and commands based on the gaze.

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