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Apple TV + between reorganization and missteps: via the programming manager

Apple TV + between reorganization and missteps: via the programming manager

Apple TV + renews its organization chart, renouncing the role held to date by Kim Rozenfeld, Creative Executive and responsible for programming the video streaming platform which debuted last November 1st.

Rozenfeld was one of the first managers in 2017 to be hired in Cupertino for the development of the Apple TV + project: coming from Sony Pictures, he had put his decades of experience at the disposal of the service created to counter competitors, Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video on all.

According to what reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Rozenfeld will not go too far anyway, since Sara President of Half Full Studios, a company that has just signed a collaboration agreement with … Apple. As indicated on LinkedIn, the manager has made a deal with Apple TV + for "development, production and consulting for screenplays and documentaries".

Read in a positive way it could be interpreted as one simple internal reorganization, since Apple has decided to merge several working groups under one manager (Matt Cherniss). Moreover, the collaboration agreement signed with Rozenfeld would suggest a strategic "outsourcing", nothing else.

Nevertheless, in California (and not only) the gossips believe that that of the manager was the first head to jump after the unconvincing debut of the platform. It cannot be considered a case that the internal reorganization took place just 12 days after the inauguration of the broadcasts, nor is it a secret that the reception by the users (and above all the critics) was rather cold.

This is confirmed by the research by Parrot Analytics, which analyzed the audience figures for the first week, highlighting several critical issues. Despite the quality of service is defined by all excellent, therefore, to worry would be rather the quality of the offer: perhaps Apple pays the consequences of a catalog that is still too limited – new series are coming, including Ben Stiller's Severance, as the second seasons of the current ones have already been guaranteed – and perhaps also affected by a criticism that has not been restrained in judging negatively both The Morning Show that If it's.

Probably more time will be needed to understand if Kim Rozenfeld's departure is simply related to internal optimization or if he hides a discontent from the Cupertino senior management.