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Apple TV +: 4K best streaming in the industry and the trailer for The Banker

Apple TV +: 4K best streaming in the industry and the trailer for The Banker

Apple TV +, the new video streaming service just launched by the Cupertino company, offers 4K content of higher quality than any other competitor, according to a test carried out by the portal FlatpanelsHD. The test examined the video bitrate medium and peak of some of the shows broadcast on the platform.

If it's, the series that has as its protagonist Jason Momoa, offers the highest bitrate among all the shows on Apple TV +, reaching a peak of 41Mb / s it's a average of 29Mb / s. The founder of FlatpanelsHD points out that it is not possible to establish how long this peak is maintained, since the instrumentation used to perform the measurement does not provide this data.

The average value is however impressive, especially if one takes into account that that offered by Netflix on 4K content reaches a maximum of 16Mb / s, although a 25Mb / s connection is required to access the Ultra HD. Among the other tested shows there is also The Elephant Queen, which reaches 30Mb / s of pico and 26Mb / s of average, Dickinson (24Mb / s peak and 17Mb / s on average) e Snoopy in Space, which stands at a height 23Mb / s peak and 13Mb / s average, very interesting values, considering that it is a cardboard.

For what concern audio bitrate, instead, the test was carried out without using Dolby Atmos compatible hardware, so a value of 386KB / s. The test highlights how the average quality of the 4K streaming offered on Apple TV + is even superior to that of most movies that can be purchased and downloaded from iTunes and that it stands at higher levels than those of a traditional Blu-Ray HD (about 1.5-2 times), but still lower (about half, in terms of bitrate) compared to a Blu-Ray UHD.

In short, Apple TV + seems to be starting on the right foot, at least as far as quality is concerned. Now it will have to improve the offer of contents and in this regard we inform you that it has been released the trailer for the new movie The Banker, which sees in the cast the presence of important names like Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nia Long and Nicholas Hoult. The film will be broadcast on Apple TV + in January, while it will be available in cinemas starting in December. We leave you to the trailer: