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Apple turnover: Q3 2014 from record. Only the iPads below expectations


Apple turnover: Apple has just presented the fiscal results for the third quarter of 2014, reporting revenues of $ 37.4 billion.

by Cecilia Cantadore

Apple has just presented fiscal results for the third quarter of 2014, reporting revenues of $ 37.4 billion, $ 7.7 billion of net income of $ 1.28 per share. Compared to the quarter of last year, there was a 5.9% growth in revenue, and 19.6% in terms of EPS (earnings per share). The increase compared to the same reference period of 2013 is evident, when the Mela had a turnover of 37.4 billion dollars, a net profit of 6.9 billion dollars and 1.07 per diluted share. The gross margin therefore passes from 36.9 to 39.4%, with 59% of the quarterly turnover from international sales.


Despite an absolutely positive growth in sales, the Cupertino group has brought results below Wall Street forecasts for total turnover and has instead exceeded expectations regarding profit.

Analysts' forecasts yielded $ 1.26 per share on $ 38.31 billion in revenue, a gross margin of about 38.0%. What actually happened was that the gross margin was even higher, but some of the analysts showed a slight disappointment when he saw the numbers, which showed lower turnover than expected.

In particular, the sales of the iPad have been disappointing. In other words, the quarter closes positively, above all thanks to a better gross margin. But the revenue was supposed to be even better than that.

Turnover by product

turnover by productOur record turnover for the June quarter was fueled by strong iPhone and Mac sales and the continued growth in revenue from the Apple ecosystem, which underpins the highest growth rate of our earnings per share in seven quarters, "he commented Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. "We are incredibly excited about the upcoming versions of iOS and OS X Yosemite, as well as other new products and services that we can't wait to introduce." This quarter, Apple sold 35.3 million iPhones, 13.3 million iPad and 4.4 million Macs. Compared to the same period in 2013, iPhone sales grew by 13.9 percent while those of the iPad fell by 8.9%. China once again represents a strong growth engine for the company, the most significant part of sales is recorded from there. For the next four months forecasts bring the turnover between 37 and 40 billion dollars with a gross margin between 37 and 38%.