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Apple too pessimistic about iPhone sales?

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Apple too pessimistic about iPhone sales? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The number of iPhones that Apple will be able to sell in the first full fiscal year of availability will be greater than that declared to date by Cupertino. This was what analyst Shebly Seyrafi who works for Caris & Co. wrote in a report to his clients yesterday

According to Seyrafi, the forecast of 10 million pieces sold during the fiscal year 2008 (which starts in October 2007) is pessimistic; Apple could reach 17 million iPhones. Even better should go in 2009 when Apple could touch the 25 million pieces sold.

If Seyrafi's prediction turns into reality, Apple could conquer a very significant percentage of the high-end phone market. With 10 million iPhones, Apple would have 1% of the global mobile market; far higher would be the one inherent to smartphones that are a minimum number compared to the totality of cell phones and that various analysts consider as a separate niche with respect to basic cellular telephony.

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