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Apple too drained with musicians?

The MMF – Music Managers Forum in Manchester discussed iTunes but above all about the royalties for artists and their managers for each song sold online by the dominant digital music store.

Musicians receive from Apple 4.5 pence (about 7 euro cents) for each song sold through iTunes, or 6% of the commercial value in the UK (79 pence), from each record physically sold in traditional channels the performers collect 35 pence (about 50 euro cents) or 12% of 3 pounds.

The substantial gain difference but also the costs of the two systems are.

A musician should be able to sell music for 1.5 million digital songs before scrapping a profit, all costs are removed.

Musicians' managers do not seem particularly happy that the managers of online digital music stores have assumed such relevance as to be able to establish the counterpart's profit.

The proposal that comes from those who create the music to raise their earnings to 12% of the price, also agreeing that for a period of initial encouragement (2 years) the percentage remains at 8. The BPI – British Phonographic Institute believes that 6, 5% of the price is the right income for musicians.