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Apple to test the US government

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Apple to test the US government – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple tries to enter the rooms of US power.

No, this does not mean that Jobs is applying to the succession of George W. Bush, much more simply, in order to be able to enter the US government business, Apple subject Mac OS X (normal version and Server) to a security test run by an independent body.

The process could take about a year, but Apple will benefit from its UNIX base, in fact UNIX already certified and widely used in government systems.

The test does not aim to find all the possible flaws in a system, but to assess the demonstrated safety against a typical set of actions.

Since last September the American government has become much more stringent in the certification of systems and Apple, thanks to the solidity of Mac OS X, could have significant advantages from the measures taken following the terrorist attacks (By Marco Centofanti)

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