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Apple to resellers: "Any reference to iPad away"

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Indeed, Apple's pressure on retailers who are trying to promote iPad continues. After asking some shops with online showcases to remove the pre-order pages, now it's up to all those stores that illustrate the new tablet on their home page.

According to reports learned from Macitynet directly from an Italian APR that had used its Internet space to illustrate iPad, in these hours Cupertino is reaching all those who have implemented some type of communication on the matter using an email in which they invite them (but it would be perhaps better to say, requires) the removal of images and promotional messages. Apple would make no distinction between those who took advantage of the opportunity to gather reservations, perhaps a little rashly, and those who instead simply and linearly simply highlighted iPad without even mentioning availability at their store.

In practical terms, from what we read in the message, Apple would consider sites that use the image of iPad in contravention with the obligation, signed in the contract for the resale of Apple branded products, to ensure that each representation of the products is in line with the same publications and information disseminated by the company. The contractual violation feared in the message is a rather serious fact, as Cupertino could retaliate against the shop and as such cannot be taken aback. And for this reason that in the past few hours all references to iPad disappeared from various APR sites, not only in Italy.

The reasons why Apple has engaged in this campaign to eliminate the references to iPad from the sites of its commercial partners are unclear. On the one hand one might think that, as always, Cupertino wants to make the message to be coherent to the customers coherent, on the other hand it can also be assumed that at this moment there is still nothing decided on how to sell and distribute iPad and that Apple wants to guarantee itself from any misunderstandings that could derive from sites that advertise iPad without actually having the possibility to sell it. A third hypothesis derives from the fact that at this moment iPad does not yet have all the certifications necessary to be put on sale; in this case Apple could fear that leaving a free hand there is a risk of seeing information appear which will not be respected in the specifications of the final product.

On the other hand, the reason why it is not even possible, as some retailers have correctly done, to simply use the iPad image to inform surfers using the terms used by and the simple product specifications is completely mysterious. Mysterious, as those who pointed out to us the fact, the logical process according to which those who manage a shop that deals with Apple products can imagine doing an action contrary to Apple's interests by giving visibility, aseptically, to an Apple product.