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Apple to conquer Android

An app from the next iOS 9 will facilitate the transfer of data to apple devices. With the aim of winning over users

move-to-ios-app(Photo: Apple)

Apple to attack. After the line of announcements of the opening keybnote of the WWDC, in Cupertino they are looking for ways to win more and more users thanks to a simple strategy with a name that explains everything: Move to iOS.

This is the new app contained in iOS 9, the next mobile operating system probably coming in July, which allows you to wirelessly transfer data from an Android terminal to an Apple, iPad or iPhone. The feature was not even mentioned during the presentation, but the Daring Fireball website caught it on the preview page of the new operating system and revealed it.

Few details yet, but it seems that Move to iOS will be available on PlayStore, to make sure that Android users download it and proceed to pass the data to the new iPhone. A procedure, the transition from one ecosystem to another, rather complex, long and at most boring. So a system to do it in a guided and smart way can only help.

Once the app is downloaded and activated, a process is set in motion for securely copy to iOS information on messages, contacts, photos, video bookmarks, calendar email accounts, wallpapers, music tracks and books. Some apps like Facebook will have a type reminder Download the iOS version from the App Store. And there will be suggestions on which apps to download for replace those on the Android terminal.


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