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Apple, the seventh largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world

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Apple is now the seventh largest phone maker in the world. The position in the ranking certified by the data released this morning by Gartner in reference to the first quarter of the year.

Apple, according to the data of the analysis company, has conquered 2.7% of the market ahead of the Chinese and very popular in the Asian and third world countries, Zte, G-Five and Huawei and not too far from the 3% of Motorola 3.1% of Sony Ericsson and 3.4% of Rim; in the same period last year Apple had only 1.5% of the market, Motorola 6.2%, Sony Ericsson 5.4%. Apple's success becomes even more evident if you scroll the table of manufacturers of operating systems for smartphones where Cupertino is in third place with 15.4% of the market, behind Symbian (44.3%) and Rim (19, 4%); Last year Apple was at 10.5% of the market and in the top five of the ranking the only company to conquer the market together with Google whose Android went from 1.6% to 9.6% mainly thanks to the triumph of the USA ( + 707%).

Android and Apple – says Carolina Milanesi vice president of research at Gartner – are the real winners of the first quarter of 2010 in the smartphone sector. Android climbed to fourth place, surpassing Windows Mobile. Symbian continues to be in first position but also continues to lose due to a weak device offer in the high end of the market

The secret of Apple and Android and also Rim, which continues to remain strong even if it loses a fraction of a percentage point, in the concept around which their devices are built. E-mail, multimedia messaging, social networking – says principal research analyst Roberta Cozza – will continue to drive demand for smartphones and enhanced phones that have full keyboards. But to compete in this market, manufacturers will have to tightly integrate hardware, user interface, online and social networking services; adding just a Qwerty keyboard does not automatically transform a phone, making it suitable to meet the habits of the various market segments.

As for Apple Gartner, he says he is optimistic about the future: The growth in recent months has come from new operators who have adopted the phone in consolidated markets, such as the United Kingdom and stronger sales in new markets such as China and South Korea. The second quarter it will be very important for Apple. We expect the new iPhone to be presented in June during WWDC; the device will be the first to have the next version of iPhone OS which includes expected improvements for developers and users such as multitasking.

As far as operating systems are concerned, Gartner foresees an extension of the field of action of the OS for mobile telephony and this thanks to the debut of new devices that will use these operating systems: We have seen with the iPad – adds Roberta Cozza – and with the web books Android based how the mobile OS ecosystem is developing and moving beyond smartphones.

Overall, the mobile phone market totaled 314.7 million units sold, 17% more than in 2009; the smartphone market has reached 54.3 million units, an increase of 48.7%, the largest increase since 2006 to date.