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Apple: The Rottama an Android initiative has started … Here are the details

Apple: The Rottama an Android initiative has started ... Here are the details


In this article: The extension of Apple's programmers and recycling is coming soon, in fact the scrapping operation will also be extended to Android devices to facilitate the transition to IOS … Here are the details

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Apple: As you have known for years that it is possible to deliver your Apple device to an Apple Store or request its quotation directly online to switch to a new model, leaving Apple the whole process of reselling your device.

But news are on the way, in fact according to new "rumors" from the web Apple is making some preparations to extend reuse and recycling to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphones as well, when purchasing an iPhone. The initiative would favor the transition to IOS at the expense of competition.

The initiative will most likely start in April, in the meantime, it seems that the company is working on employee training in the Apple Stores to cope with the arrival of numerous smartphone models to be evaluated correctly.

The operation aims to push iPhone sales to the Apple Stores, a goal that Tim Cook has imposed on the Apple Retail division since 2013. In fact, according tostatistics: those who buy an iPhone inside an Apple Store are more likely to own other Apple ecosystem products than those who buy the smartphone online or at other retailers.

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