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Apple, the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe inaugurated in Naples

Apple, the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe inaugurated in Naples

From the collaboration with Apple, the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe, in Naples: the competition to enter was tough and the level already high

ioscopertina(Photo: Diletta Parlangeli)

Naples The plan announced in January by Apple CEO Tim Cook and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. From the signing of the actual contract (May) to the inauguration, however, only four months have passed, a speed that Italy is not too used to. And instead, you just cut the ribbon on primaiOS Developer Academy in Europe, hosted by the University of Naples Federico II. The collaboration with Apple led to the creation of an Academy where students will acquire the knowledge and practical skills to develop apps.

"The competition was tough and the high level:I am proud of you ",says Lisa Jackson in the Polo Aula Magna, addressing the first students admitted: they come from 11 different regions of Italy and from other parts of the world, from Holland to Madagascar."Just 8 years ago the application revolution began, and now there are 3 million developers registered in the App Store in Europe who have created over 2 million applications." Of these, 250 thousand are in Italy, adds Jackson. "TOWe have created a global marketplace, but the real success has been to bring out the talent: I invite you to find your passion and follow your enthusiasm, and I can't wait to see what will come out of this Academy ". In the coming months, students will be immersed in inOS, alternating between workers and open space collaborations.

In addition to the iOS Foundation Program, Apple will also teach in five other universities in Campania, who will add 800 students to the program in the coming year. By the Campania Region, on the other hand, another 7 million euro of investments for scholarships have been announced.

The first two hundred students admitted will be divided into two groups: the first, already at work now and will end in June 2017 while the second, which will begin in January, will end in September 2017. Nine months of course designed and supported by Apple, with a dedicated facility at the new University campus in San Giovanni a Teduccio.


"If Apple has made this investment, we are convinced that Naples is a reality in which it is worth investing, like the ability to do things in a very short time, which, on the contrary, perhaps it is less good to program it."Says Mayor Luigi De Magistris, also happy for the neighborhood that houses the Academy, San Giovanni a Teduccio. Education Minister Stefania Giannini appreciated the possibility of working in an open intellectual space, while the rector of the University, Gaetano Manfredi spoke about the realization of a dream: having transformed what was a "traditional factory in a factory of knowledge" in fact, in the area where the campus now stands, a Cirio factory was once housed.

During the first semester, the courses will aim to improve and elevate students' skills in software development on iOS; during the second semester, students will participate in courses on the creation of start-ups and app design, and will collaborate with each other for the creation of apps that may eventually reach the App Store.


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