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Apple: talks with international mobile operators for iPad starting?

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Apple: talks with international mobile operators for iPad starting? –

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Apple executives will be in the UK this week to negotiate with cellular data subscription plans for the iPad. The indiscretion reported by the Sunday Times online in an article in which the sources from which the rumor emerges are not mentioned.

If the information were confirmed, it would be the beginning of the negotiation campaign which, in addition to the United Kingdom, will most likely concern all the main countries in which iPad will be available from the end of April, including Italy. A series of negotiations that are quite complex and whose strategies are not known. Recall that iPad unlocked and usable on the networks of any operator; the only constraint is the micro SIM card that is practically not available at the moment but it will certainly be available to all those operators who will have an agreement with Apple. It remains to be seen what Apple will ask mobile network operators and which of them will be available to meet Cupertino's requests and how much. Probably precisely on these aspects that the men sent by Jobs are willing to discuss.

As for the United Kingdom, Apple at the launch of the iPhone first agreed with O2 but then over time this operator was joined by Vodafone and also Orange. For this reason, the Sunday Times considers it probable that for iPad Cupertino will choose a launch with multiple operators, a strategy that is certainly planetary, also given that iPad, as mentioned, not blocked on a single operator but totally free in terms of hardware and Sim.

Apple, however, took a long time before answering the questions that everyone is asking. If, in fact, it is true that the iPad 3G will arrive in late April, it is equally true that the agreements with mobile operators have deferred in late June (word of Jobs during the presentation of iPad) when Apple should announce the new iPhone. An event that may not even be disconnected from the strategic agreements for iPad.

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