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Apple talks about privacy at CES 2020: Facebook follows it, the FTC teases them

Apple at CES in Las Vegas it is – in itself – news. It was 28 years that the Nevada event was missing, and news was expected not only on the side privacy, but also in the smart home sector with the display of products made by third parties. If surely the Californian company is taking advantage of its presence to meet partners and suppliers in the rear, it remains confirmed that Apple went to Las Vegas especially and above all to talk about security and privacy, as shown by the public discussion held at the event American who starred Jane Horvath (opening photo), who is responsible for privacy in the company.

The debate was attended – among others – Erin Egan of Facebook is Rebecca Slaughter of the FTC, perpetually "pricked" by the moderator Rajiv Chand to animate the discussion. On the one hand, the Federal Trade Commission, which at CES reiterated that "it would be impossible to conclude that enough has been done"on the subject of privacy and user data protection, on the other Apple and Facebook, both in the height of the post-Cambridge Analytica era, which are called by regulators and public opinion to implement increasingly stringent policies and strategies on the subject (perhaps the constant reminders of Tim Cook – even when he was visiting Italy – and "the illumination"by Zuckerberg on the topic we talked about in ours #perspectives they go in this direction).

Jane Horvath (Apple) mentions the work done on the "CES stage"data minimization": among these, the noise added to the data of the emojis used most frequently to make the data as anonymous as possible, but also all the activities carried out to combat child abuse, with the ad hoc scanning of content uploaded to iCloud.

And Facebook doesn't want to be outdone, defining privacy as a "fundamental right"In short, compared to Apple, the business model is different, but the focus on data security is the same. Let's say that after the super fine of 5 billion dollars that the same FTC has imposed on the Zuckerberg company just about privacy (Cambride Analytica) things could have changed.

According to the FTC Federal law is required that takes its cue from the European GDPR: although Apple and Facebook believe they are doing their best in terms of privacy, the American Commission believes that much still needs to be done: "I don't think anyone here can tell us exactly who has what data and how it is used"concluded Slaughter.