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Apple tablet, a system for school and families

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Apple Tablet, a system for school and families – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has developed the new tablet focusing mainly on the distribution of professional content and on the integrated and facilitated operation that will allow users to be present online and share information. This is one of the aspects of the new tablet described by the reporter Yukari Iwatani in a new movie published by The Wall Street Journal. During the short interview, the video linked at the bottom of this article, the reporter also explains that Cupertino has conceived the new device thinking above all of two main fields of use.

The first within schools and universities where the tablet will allow you to reproduce and consult textbooks in digital format. The second scenario envisaged is that of shared use inside the houses. According to the reporter, the expected sale price of $ 1,000 will be more affordable considering that the tablet can be seen as a device shared by all members of a family. In addition to the reproduction of articles and news, the new Apple tablet will allow people to communicate and share information in an easier and more attractive way than is possible today.

Iwatani's voice must be listened carefully. This is the same journalist who at the beginning of March had provided various information deemed reliable by many sources and which according to other observers were the result of a "controlled leak" of news dictated by Apple herself.

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