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Apple survives the new economy crisis

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Apple has beaten Microsoft over the past five years, at least on the stock exchange.

This is the result of a survey carried out in recent days on the securities of the new economy to verify what the state of health of the courses of the most representative companies in the hi tech world is. An investigation that gave some interesting and encouraging ideas for those who believe that the e-economy was not all a soap bubble.

One of the most surprising data is Apple's performance on Wall Street. Cupertino has indeed far from the levels reached in mid 2000, but whoever bought an AAPL share before the big boom, five years ago, would still find in his pocket a title that is worth 87% more.

A surprisingly high surplus value if we consider the sickness that AAPL like many other titles have suffered and that places Apple in front of Microsoft, whose courses are still well above five years ago (+ 74%) and also in front of AOL ( + 80%)

Who plays the lion's share and continues to maintain a very high value for Dell (+ 198%) but above all Amazon an action which is still worth 4 times what it was worth in 1997.

An article that reports these and many other news of interest on the subject and that we leave to the reading of our most successful readers, concludes that in any case still too early to really understand who survived the first great earthquake that struck the new economy will continue to stand. There are still many challenges ahead and many assumptions that will have to be verified on the field.