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Apple stores also in Europe?

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Apple stores also in Europe? logomacitynet1200wide 1

A network of Apple stores in Europe too? For now, this is little more than a simple hypothesis based on uncontrolled rumors, but the only possibility that Cupertino will also open a series of direct stores in the old continent is arousing great interest, launching the hypothesis on the French site MacPlus. In a news published a few days ago, mention was made of the possibility that Apple France was negotiating the purchase of International Computer sales structures. IC, so more familiarly known in the transalpine country, the chain, which had opened as a reseller only of Apple products and then moved on to market also PC products, would not be particularly calm in the water. Hence the possibility of purchasing the assets, and especially taking over the leases, for a reasonable amount. MacPlus also assumes a date for the opening of the first Apple stores in France: February 2002. At that point, after having opened in the country that more than others in Europe undergoes the charm of the Apple, it would be quite easy to foresee an expansion in other countries such as England, Germany and Italy which after France represent the largest catchment areas for Apple. True or false are the rumors on which MacPlus' hypotheses are based on the thesis according to which Apple could think of opening stores even outside the USA does not seem totally unrealistic. Rather, we wonder if Apple might have an interest in taking over an entire chain of a few dozen stores in France and in doing the same thing in other countries as well. It seems to us that, given the potential market and the huge differences between the USA and Europe in consumer purchasing habits, the most correct choice could be to open a reduced number of stores, five or six at the most, in strategic areas that for Europe represents the historical centers more than the Malls as in the USA. In this way, the two main objectives that Apple has set itself would be achieved: to give visibility to the brand with visible and prestigious locations, and to present its products directly to customers in selected places of great passage. All without damaging the relationships with its loyal dealers who would maintain the advantage of capillarity.

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