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Apple Store Turin in Le Gru?

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The Apple Store in Turin could arise not in the city, at (8) Gallery, but in "Le Gru" in Grugliasco. A few sources reported that to Macitynet that would have received information from some commercial realities of the mall.

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Le Gru di Grugliasco is one of the most important shopping centers in Italy, the largest, says its fact sheet, with an area of ​​65,000 square meters plus the 14,000 of the Ikea store. Located on the outskirts of Turin (like the Carosello where the second Apple Store is located), frequented daily by tens of thousands of people who reach very high levels during the frequent Sunday openings; 650 thousand people live within the area 20 minutes by car. Among the prominent stores Zara (which has opened the second flasgship store in Italy) and Disney Store. Le Gru has also won numerous industry awards demonstrating a great ability to integrate into the social fabric in relation to the communities in the area and a very high ability in making its commercial activities visible.

The Apple Store, according to what we were told, would have chosen the Cisalfa sporting goods store as location, which, according to reports from the same sources, is about to liquidate the goods to close and make room for the Apple store.

The Cisalfa shop is one of the largest in Le Gru, so large that its size represents the main question mark on the thickness of the indiscretion. It seems rather difficult that Apple will occupy the entire area now furnished with exercise machines, skis, boots, shoes and sportswear in general by building a store that could have an area even double compared to that of Turin and Milan. In this regard, it should be remembered that in recent months there had been talk of a restructuring that would have involved the division of the Cisalfa space into two stores, one of which could be the Apple one.

A second question mark is that the shopping center managed by Corio, a multinational company of Dutch origins that has numerous "malls" in Europe and one of the main operators in the sector. Corio, despite being very active in Italy (recently purchased Le Vele di Cagliari and is preparing, in joint venture with Alliantz, to buy the gigantic Porte di Roma) not among the companies that have offered Apple stores to date. Roma Est and Carosello, in fact, are of the competitor Larry Smith and since Apple has so far shown a certain consistency in the choice of its partners, the hypothesis that places the Store at (8) Gallery remains valid, although smaller and probably less frequented, it has the advantage not only of being close to the historic center of Turin but also of being managed by Larry Smith.

Thanks to Fabio DeGrazia for the collaboration in the writing of this article