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Apple Store down: iPhone SE 2020 bookable from 14:00 (or is there more?)

Apple has put the entire official Store offline: this is a predictable circumstance, given that as previously anticipated, sales of the new iPhone SE 2020 are expected to start today. The Cupertino-based company has offline each section of its store, circumstance that does not exclude that the news may also concern other products in the catalog (for example, an update of the iMacs with a more updated components).

In fact, the following message also appears when trying to purchase a MacBook device, an iMac or an iPad. To find out, just wait for 14:00 today.

The certainty is that in just over an hour it will be possible to make reservations for the iPhone SE 2020 which is marketed with prices starting from ? 499, in the three memory slots of 64, 128 and 256GB and in the three black and white colors. product RED. The new Apple smartphone can be booked both on the website and through the Apple Store app. Please remember the details on configurations and memory cuts:

  • iPhone SE 2020 64GB at 499 euros
  • iPhone SE 2020 128GB at 549 euros
  • iPhone SE 2020 256GB at 669 euros