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Apple sells one million iPhones

Apple sells one million iPhones logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has sold one million iPhones. The news was released this afternoon by the Cupertino company itself with a press release.

The news of the millionth iPhone arrives earlier than the end of September, the date provided by the Apple company and a few days after the death knell rung by some analyst who claimed that the price drop of $ 200 on the price of the mobile phone was precisely due to the difficulty in meeting the expected target. Apple had replied that the cost reduction was simply due to the possibility offered by the market, that is, the reduction in the production price, and the desire to sell a large number of pieces for the Christmas period. 'If we had waited – Jobs said – we would have had to wait another year before having another Christmas.'

At the time when the news became public Apple shares, very depressed in recent days precisely on the basis of the belief that things were not going so well for iPhone (also in terms of profits) have recovered share and at the time of writing we earn about 2.3%

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