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Apple scores a world goal with the Titanium 800

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Apple scores a world goal with the Titanium 800 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A significant upgrade, much more significant than when they don't say the simple specs. This is the conclusion reached by Bare Feat, a site specialized in comparative tests and speed tests, at the end of the comparison between the old and the new Titanium.

As already demonstrated during some preliminary tests, the 800 MHz Titanium beats (in some cases by far) the "old" 667 MHz and also puts the iMac 800 MHz in serious difficulty. In various tests in which the center is used for applications without optimization for the biprocessor even the dual 800 MHz ends up paying duty.

The merit, as well as the processor, essentially of the ATI 7500 Mobility graphics card that provides a really interesting boost when it comes to 3D and 2D acceleration. In particular, although the ATI processor is specifically designed for the world of laptops, and therefore must reach a certain compromise between power and energy savings, it outperforms the GeForce2 MX of the iMac and, of course, the Radeon Mobility of the old Titanium.

Bus speed and third-level cache also play an important part.

In short, with the release of the Titanium "third series" Apple really seems to have made a good goal …

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