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Apple: Russian hacker bypasses the In-App Purchase system without Jailbreak

Apple: Russian hacker bypasses the In-App Purchase system without Jailbreak


Apple: Russian hacker bypasses the In-App Purchase system without Jailbreak

In the world of the App there are many ways to earn from them, not only by selling your Application in the respective Stores, but also through the Apple In App Purchase system, that is, you can download the app for free from the Store, but in the App itself they will be available any expansions and additional functions by unlocking and purchasing these functions from the Developer.

Well, a Russian hacker managed to get around this In-App Purchase payment method on all Apple Devices with iOS ranging from 3.0 to the latest version 6, moreover not even Jailbreak is required.

Definitely news that will make Developers tremble and iDevices owners rejoice but that still leaves some halo of doubt.

In fact, to function sufficiently cchange the DNS Records within the Wi-fi settings and Install a Certificate to have the hack working. In addition, the hacker informs that in any case the following data is sent to the developers:

  • restriction level of app
  • id of app
  • id of version
  • guid of your idevice
  • quantityof in-app purchase
  • offer name of in-app purchase
  • language you are using
  • identifierof application
  • version of application
  • your locale

Here's how to do it Hack procedure, even if not recommended because the real consequences are still unknown:

  • Change the DNS settings on this IP: 91224160136 (Due to High Load on the Server the Service may be Unstable)
  • Install the following Certificates: First, Second

As shown in the video, after carrying out the unlocking procedure, it will be possible to purchase the contents offered without paying a cent. For more info, visit the specially created website of the Russian hacker ZonD80 and its YouTube channel


It seems that not all applications are affected by this BUG and that currently working on many apps but not all and in any case your data are sent to the developers, so I don't know if they can then take action against you. So the advice when not to use it in order not to run into any problems.

Here is the video that demonstrates the success of the unlock:

(Youtube) (/ youtube)


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