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Apple resists the consumer segment

Resist iMac, iBook and G4, blame the Titanium. The American and European markets are holding, the east is giving way. The impact of iPods and retail stores continues to grow. These are the essential data as they emerge from Apple's retail balance.

The most positive figures in the financial statements concern consumer machines, confirming that, as also said during the press conference by Fred Anderson, the corporate sector that pays the most difficult economic times.

The iMa remains the best-selling machine with 318,000 units over the past 90 days and despite a 16% decrease in units compared to the previous quarter, it resists aging and determines a decrease (thanks to the introduction of more expensive versions and decreases in the costs of some components) of turnover of only 12%.

Even better is the iBook which sold 8% pi in the previous quarter (+ 8% also for the turnover) and surprisingly also beats the G4 in terms of units sold (182,000). Compared to the previous year for the lackluster iBook with 27% less units sold and 30% less turnover.

The G4 units, with an increase of 5% compared to the previous quarter in terms of units (176,000), do not benefit significantly from the launch of new models in August even if the turnover increases by 21%.

The Powerbook instead in a difficult situation in every respect. It drops by as much as 38% in terms of units sold compared to the previous quarter and by 39% in terms of profits with only 58,000 units seen.

For the first time in a while, Apple has also recorded a + 30% turnover in the "other hardware" sector compared to the previous quarter; it is largely the effect of the success of the launch of the iPod which has conquered on many markets a share very close to 50% of the MP3 segment.

The launch of Jaguar also produced an interesting positive effect, resulting in a growth in turnover in the software field of 29% compared to the previous quarter and 51% compared to 2001.

Analyzing the various world markets, it is noted that the most significant drop compared to the previous quarter, in terms of units (-39%) and turnover (-21%) in Japan (-29 and -23% year on year). It holds the American market fairly well (where the consumer market is traditionally strong for Apple) with a decrease of only 2% in units sold compared to the quarter ended at the end of June (+ 7% in turnover) and 12% compared to the quarter of last year (-1% of turnover)

Europe continues to be in a difficult period. In the old continent, units sold fell by 15% compared to the previous quarter and turnover by 21%. Compared to last year, the decrease of 21% and 15% respectively.

The continuous opening of new retail stores has a tangible effect. Compared to the last quarter, this particular sector, calculated by Apple as if it were a "region", shows a + 70% in units sold and a + 62% in turnover. Compared to last year, when there were still very few shops, the growth of 750% in units sold and 685% in turnover.