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Apple reassures iPhone developers "rejected"

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Before but the rejection and now the reassurance. After the announcement of the SDK for iPhone, hundreds of developers have signed up for the project but, within a few days, Apple has denied access to most of them. Last night Apple sent an email explaining to most temporarily blocked developers, effectively reassuring them.

The text of the email has been reported on several Internet sites, including iLounge

β€œIn this initial beta period we have more requests than we can serve so, for this moment, we are forced to limit the program. We plan to expand it during the beta phase and, at the appropriate time, we will contact you to inform you about your registration status. We appreciate your patience. "

This is the translation of the email that reached the developers: the rest of the message contained links to online videos and documents to start programming on the iPhone, code examples, explanations and reference libraries.

The story, as is known, developed in recent days, when Apple had distributed to virtually all those who had applied for membership of the paid program, a letter with a refusal defined as "transitory", in view of a future enlargement of the program. As already written by our site previously, it is very likely that the choice to reject requests to join the development program derives from the delicacy of the material at stake, or the vision of the iPhone 2.0 firmware, a product that Apple certainly wants to keep as much as possible Reserved. In this context, it is very likely that Apple has opened the complete development program (the one that includes the distribution of iPhone 2.0) to a very limited number of developers, in practice only those that Apple has chosen.

We also remind you that, although, without having access to the complete development program, it is fully possible to create programs for iPhone (and iPod Touch) thanks to the emulator included in the kit.