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Apple ready to present iAd on April 7th?

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Despite the imminent launch of the iPad, another Apple event could attract attention in the next few days: according to rumors reported by the MediaPost newspaper, Cupertino would be ready to present its advertising network dedicated to mobile devices on April 7th.

The name of the service could be iAd, born following the acquisition of Quattro Wireless by Apple. No other details were leaked on the technology used, already defined as "revolutionary" and "new" by the rumors on the net. The hypotheses go as far as to theorize a new mobile advertising system based on geo-referenced promotional advertisements, thus taking advantage of the increasingly promising market of geo-localized marketing, the diffusion of which is intrinsically linked to the latest generation of mobile devices.

It is probable that the entire technology takes advantage of the wide success of the App Store, both in reference to the spread of the iPhone, and to the announced release of the iPad, which will contribute to increasing the advertising audience reachable from the Apple. In this sense, the birth of a promotional marketplace capable of offering advertisers numerous spaces and advertising options within the Cupertino mobile store is easily imaginable.

The hypotheses could go further, up to the necessary iPhone 4G, scheduled for next summer, which should be accompanied by a brand new firmware, version 4.0. On April 7, Apple could present on the same occasion when iAd also introduce the new version of the firmware, within which there could also be the iAd advertising system not only at the App Store level but even at the operating system level.

While these hypotheses remain, precisely, hypotheses without confirmation, what seems to be quite certain Apple's descent in the online advertising sector, an event that will mark a new turning point for the Cupertino business, which will go to position itself on an increasingly growing market superimposed on that of Google.Remember that Google has recently acquired AdMob, currently the largest mobile advertising network, blowing it from under the nose of Apple itself.

Therefore, an increasingly close clash between the two Californian giants is expected, a clash that could have the definitive start on April 7th.

[Edited by Giordano Araldi]