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Apple presents Mac OS X El Capitain: new operating system against Windows 10

Apple presents Mac OS X El Capitain: new operating system against Windows 10


Mac OS X El Capitan official. It arrives for free in the fall: here are all the details.Apple officially presents OS X El Capitan, a new operating system

The new OS X is called El Capitan: here are all the details

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Mac OS X El Capitan: features and new features

During the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple's top executives officially presented OS X El Capitan, the new Mac operating system update that offers several new features compared to the current OS X Yosemite.

OS X El Capitan the new update of the Apple operating system that brings a touch Windows on Macs. I will arrive for free next autumn for all users with Yosemite. Let's find out together the news presented by Apple.

The new OS X is called El Capitan: let's find out the details together.

OS X Yosemite grows and takes the name of El Capitain. Let's see what news has been introduced.

Surprisingly, Apple has just announced the new version of its operating system, which will be called OS X El Capitan. This is an update he wantsimprove the User Experience and above all the performance of the operating system, which had evidently worsened with the last OS. In essence, the new OS focuses on speed and performance increase. It is an update more focused on performance and stability, but that does not lack new features.

Among the main new features of OS X El Capitan we find:

Among the minor news we have the Find My Friends widget always accessible from the Notification Center, the ability to customize fonts in Safari Reader mode, time management that is missing in the reminders, the resume function for the copied files, the ability to have information about the flights, a new Disk Utility app, path Copy File in the Finder, a new menu bar, suggestions for contacts, improved AutoFill, possibility to mute a single Safari tab, possibility to create a remainder from the sharing menu, AirPlay Video, latest searches from Spotlight, possibility to rename a file from the contextual menu, event suggestions and extensions for lediting photos in the Photos app.

Confirmed the new font, which the aforementioned San Francisco, can ensure better general readability.

WWDC 2015: the Metal framework also arrives on Mac

Last year Metal for iPhone was presented, a framework that offers exceptional graphics performance. Now Metal also arrives on Mac, thus making graphics performance 50% faster in renderings. The Metal framework will not only improve graphics performance, but also battery life.

OS X El Capitan: when will it be released?

When will OS X El Capitan be available? When can I download and install OS X El Capitan?

OS X El Capitan will be available starting today for the Developer preview version, starting next month for everyone in a public beta program as happened last year and finally in the final version starting from next Autumn for free for all users with OS X Yosemite.

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