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Apple Podcast arrives on Amazon Echo and Alexa | For now only USA

Apple Podcasts lands on Amazon Echo: the Alexa skill is available very soon, which allows you to start playing your favorite shows, drawing on a library of over 750,000 titles. For the moment, unfortunately, the only compatible market is the US one. Here is a preliminary list of compatible commands:

  • Play (title) (on Apple Podcasts)
  • Play (title) of (day of publication, or colloquial forms like "yesterday") (on Apple Podcasts)
  • Resume playback of (title) (on Apple Podcasts)
  • Fast forward 30 seconds
  • Next episode

It is also possible make Apple Podcasts your default podcast service, so as to speed up / simplify voice commands. In other words, it will be possible to avoid pronouncing the final sentence "on Apple Podcasts" (which is why it is written in parentheses above). This operation must be completed by the official Alexa app for Android and iOS.