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Apple Pencil, new patent provides for further touch controls

We often talk about patents filed by companies such as Apple, Samsung and other giants, many of these will never come to life while others may find easy application in future products. What we report today falls precisely in the latter category, it is a patent that provides for the introduction of new touch sensitive controls in Apple Pencil.

We are therefore talking about a patent filed by Apple with the USPTO (available in SOURCE), which explores the ability to expand the double-tap feature found in Apple Pencil 2.

The image in the header shows the area that Apple intends to make sensitive, locating it in the natural grip position. As described, such technology would be able to distinguish between a real and an accidental gesture, for example the act of taking Apple Pencil in hand only to move it. Non-specific documentation which specific functions could be added, it is in any case an improvement that would help to distinguish even more Apple's solution from those of the main competitors.

We know that in the transition from Apple Pencil to the second version, the price has also increased (99 euros against the 135 of the most recent), it is therefore legitimate to believe that the cost of an unpublished variant can still increase. How many users would be willing to spend more than 150 euros for an Apple Pencil 3? Let us know in the comments.