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Apple patents the new "universal" and biometric AirPods

airposds patent Apple

Apple has registered a patent for universal, interchangeable AirPods with biometric data and a better fit

A new patent granted to Apple reveals some of the potential new features we might see in the future new AirPods. The most interesting part includes the availability of earphones interchangeable with at least one biometric sensor, able to detect the position in the left or right ear and, consequently, adjust the sound.

Apple's effort to create earphones suitable for everyone

Apple has long been in search of the gold earpiece capable of adapting to all ears. From the beginning, to the launch of the AirPods in 2016, Apple had specifically emphasized the efforts to find the most suitable shape for all ears.

Although the current three-part configuration of the AirPods is environmentally responsible and relatively easy to produce, the evolution of AirPods from separate left / right single-component units could reduce costs and make AirPods much easier to replace.

How will the new AirPods be?

Regarding the specifications, the complete abstract available here reads as follows:

This request refers to earphones configured with one or more biometric sensors. At least one of the biometric sensors configured to be pressed against a part of the tragus to perform biometric measurements. In some embodiments, the headset housing may be symmetrical so that the headset can be worn interchangeably in a user's left or right ear. In this embodiment, the headset may include a sensor and a circuit configured to determine and alter the operation of the headset in accordance with which ear is determined that the inserted headset.

This patent application comes a few days after a new report by Ming-Chi Kuo, which has been planned updating the AirPods for the first quarter of 2019, he claimed that the new AirPods will include wireless charging. It seems clear that the next update of the AirPods will most likely focus on improving the current design. This patent, however, shows that from 2020 and beyond, Apple could be interested in creating a headset that can fit anyone, with a series of biometric sensors able to track health and detect the positioning of the ears.

Three images taken from the documentation show that a foam ring expands inside the ear canal to obtain an optimal fit and an ideal positioning of the sensor against the skin.

airposds patent Apple airposds patent Apple airposds patent Apple

The new AirPods will be equipped with biometric sensors

One of the highlights of the patent is how to biometric sensors they must be pressed firmly against the skin to function best and in some of the drawings outlined in the document, the foam is used to expand the lauricus against the ear canal.

Obviously, this would be a departure from the traditional plastic mold used by Apple for EarPods and AirPods, however, in pursuit of a universal adaptation, Apple may believe that foam is a better option than rigid plastic.

AirPods are the most popular Apple accessory in recent years, with many users saying they plan to buy AirPods before they even want to buy a new iPhone. Apple is well aware of the potential of what AirPods can do and seems to be working to expand the capabilities of the earphones.

You will take a new set of AirPods at the beginning of 2019 or will you wait until 2020 until more advanced and universal AirPods are released?

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