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Apple patents an intelligent "bed warmer" that monitors sleep

Apple patents an intelligent "bed warmer" that monitors sleep

For a long time there has been talk of the possibility that watchOS may offer a new function for the sleep quality monitoring, and it seems that the next version, the one that will arrive with Apple Watch 6, may be the right one. But it seems that in Cupertino they also have other sleep-related projects in the pipeline, as demonstrated by a patent registered with the USPTO.

Three years have passed since Apple acquired Beddit, a Finnish company specialized in the development and production of devices dedicated to sleep monitoring, in 2017. Meanwhile Beddit, under the leadership of Cupertino, has released a kind of subtle "cable tie" to be placed under the sheet, able to collect and record data such as the sleep duration, the heart rate, the breathing, but also environmental parameters like the temperature and humidity of the room.

The patent of which we speak today suggests that in Cupertino they are thinking of expand the skills of this technology.

As stated in the document, Apple does not seem convinced that sleep monitoring is a function to be associated with wearable devices, as the Apple Watch can be, for a matter of comfort (and, we add, it would then become complicated at that point to choose a time to recharge them).

For this reason also the device described by the patent is to be applied on the bed, and thus leaves the user free from clutter. Unlike the product launched in 2018, this however seems to be destined to be more than just a band, but a real one warming pan, since explicit reference is made to "heating or cooling active". Also the device would be able to register and recognize multiple users, starting from the differences between the data it is able to collect. Data that can then share with the devices of the Apple ecosystem.

As you know, patents, as dreams "are desires", do not always translate into commercial reality. In this case, however, we are faced with a product that seems to be the natural evolution of another, already existing, and therefore it is possible that Apple will sooner or later market it, perhaps always under the Beddit brand.