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Apple patent, an iPhone and a shell are coming?

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Apple may be working on a new iPhone model, this time – perhaps – a clamshell model. This new phone would be anticipated by a patent filed by Cupertino, which describes a new device smaller than a current iPhone, but equipped with a trackpad with "double-face" functionality.

An ideal "clamshell" iPhone could be equipped with a clamshell opening cover, foldable, but with a translucent screen capable of some touch screen functions, which can be activated both when the shell folded on itself, and when extended, depending on needs.

Although the use for a "mobile device" similar to a cell phone is almost declared in the patent description, the technology could also be used for other devices, such as a notebook. You can imagine a MacBook or a closed MacBook Air, with a new resealable but usable offshoot while the laptop is in stand by, maybe to operate and control multimedia functions.

For now, this is only a patent, but it is very likely that Apple is already working on the successor of the iPhone, and no one excludes that Apple's next mobile phone may differ substantially from the original.