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Apple: pact with China on the censorship of the Dalai Lama?

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In the British online store, the international press notes, there are a dozen applications that make more or less direct references and quote the Dalai Lama. it is one of the sub-categories for the "spirit" that is most widespread, according to some iPhone application experts. Well, all these applications are completely absent from the Chinese market where the iPhone has been moving for a couple of months now.

There is no certainty that there is a direct complaint from Apple. There is no evidence. Although the Chinese regime has always practiced a total closure against Western digital companies that do not agree to block content deemed dangerous: for all the examples of Yahoo and Google, which filter the results of their search engines in favor of a version it lacks some sites that praise the Dalai Lama and the dissidence against Beijing. In short, there is a strong suspicion for Apple.

It could certainly be a coincidence: it may be that those who made the dozen applications with quotes or phrases from the Dalai Lama or who explicitly refer to the creed professed by the political and religious leader in exile from Tibet have forgotten to register them for all the sites of the different versions in which the App store was created, including the Chinese one. After all, it also happens with applications close to us: if you want to buy the free application created for example by Trenitalia, ProntoTreno, for the purchase of tickets online, it turns out that it cannot be downloaded by those with a foreign or non-Italian account.

Hence the very different case. The process of approving applications by Apple secret and is not explained beyond the guidelines in which stages and how the mechanism is implemented. And as far as China is concerned, simply the appropriate applications are completely absent. We will see in the coming weeks, as the user base in that country expands and attention is also growing towards this aspect of the phenomenon.