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Apple opens the hunt for bugs: $ 200,000 reward to those who find them

Apple opens the hunt for bugs: $ 200,000 reward to those who find them

The Cupertino house rewards those who are able to find a flaw in the iOS and iCloud systems

(Photo: AP / LaPresse)(Photo: AP / LaPresse)

Apple will also start reward hackers who can pierce protections of its devices. The same house in Cupertino announced it during a presentation on the sidelines of this year's Black Hat conference; the group thus joins Microsoft, Google and many other companies in the hi-tech scene that have long been providing a remuneration program dedicated to those who find the vulnerabilities of their systems and document them adequately and in private form.

In September, Apple will start a first run-in phase of the initiative, which is more limited, both in terms of extension – sarinitially based on invitations and addressed only to a small number of researchers with whom the company has already worked in the past – both in terms of the number of systems covered – at the moment iOS and iCloud only. In particular, access by an app to any type of data internal to the device but not intended for that app will be rewarded with sums of up to $ 25,000; vulnerabilities capable of guaranteeing access to the information contained in iCloud accounts will be worth up to 50 thousand dollars; the execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges always 50 thousand dollars; the extraction of material protected by the Secure Enclave coprocessor frutter up to $ 100,000; up to 200 thousand dollars will be paid to the most delicate vulnerabilities, regarding the secure boot of the firmware.


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