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Apple offers new programming tools

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Just to increase as much as possible the crowd of voices and expectations of the next World Developer Conference, the members of the ADC program, or the developers officially recognized by Apple, received a CD, signed "Developer Tools CD April update" containing several versions not definitive of the various development tools.

We can not assert that this can be interpreted as a prelude to profound changes to OS X, but you just have to wait a few days to find out.What you can try now is the beta of the Project Builder 2.0, the beta of the gcc-3 compiler , and the almost definitive version of AppleScript Studio 1.1: everything you need to properly enter the world of creating applications for Mac OS X.

For those who have the desire to possess at all costs the latest version of their favorite software, as well as an internet connection fast enough to support the download of 237 MB, we remind you that also contemplating the download of this update, simply by subscribing to the "free" level ”From Apple Developer Connection. As always, in the case of software that has not been fully tested, we point out that it is highly recommended to make appropriate backups before installing anything. In addition, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the attached release notes, in which there is also the procedure to restore the previous December Developer Tools, in the unfortunate event of malfunctions.