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Apple: no to apps that use GPS only to provide advertising

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Apple: no to apps that use GPS only to provide advertising – logomacitynet1200wide 1

IPhone applications that use localization mainly to deliver geo-localized advertising will not be admitted to the App Store. This in summary one of the most controversial points contained in a new message sent to Apple and intended for the community of iPhone developers. According to the indications offered, the applications that exploit the Core Location functions must provide users with a series of useful information and services; any program that uses geolocated information "primarily – says Apple – to serve advertising based on the user's location, will be rejected and a change will be required"

These few lines were enough to unleash a heated debate on the Internet, the debate is already open and allegations and criticism are already raining.

One of the hypotheses made by the "conspiracy theorists" that Apple would launch a battle that aims to deliver the monopoly of geo-localized advertising also on the basis of the purchase of Quattro Wireless, a company specializing in banners on mobile devices. In reality, on the other hand, you could simply read the few lines posted on the Apple site only as a system to better protect user privacy (not surprisingly, Apple recommends in the same message to developers to ask the user for permission first to use information coming from Core Location) and the function of the iPhone as a useful tool, avoiding that iPhone becomes a tool for the distribution of advertising.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that the one published by Apple is not a notice of change to the approval policies, but an advice sent in an informal way. Therefore, there would not even seem to have been a change in the system of judgment which, therefore, is not changed. In practice it would only be a sort of "memento" that does not affect what happened up to yesterday nor changes anything from here on; it simply puts a visible and clear stake to avoid future controversies and unnecessary waste of time by those who work to create applications for the App Store.

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