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Apple Music will have a new design: will it be enough?

The first feeling that Apple continues to chase Spotify and struggles to make its streaming a truly innovative service

The new Apple Music

In the end, one of the announcements expected during the Worldwide Developer Conference introduction keynote: Apple renews Music. But those who expected a revolution will be disappointed: it is not a new version of Cupertino's distreaming service, but mainly a new interface design.

In fact, the simple Apple idea: make access to music more understandable and immediate with a new organization of the contents, which partially reintroduces the distinction between streaming music and downloaded music.

So far Apple Music has generated mixed reactions. Presented just a year ago at the Developers Conference, the music streaming service for iPhone, iPad and Machas collected 15 million subscribers: not a few, if we consider that Spotify, the main name of the streaming music, has 30, put together in a much longer period. A low number, however, if we consider that the customer base of Apple, of a billion devices.

But above all it was the user experience that was judged unsatisfactory. On one side there was curation, the proposal of a series of personalized and "human" playlists inherited from Beats Music, the streaming service of Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor. On the other hand, there was Apple's big challenge, that of simplifying the way we actually consume music canceling any distinction between download and streaming, creating a unique library that merged local and cloud music. But the idea turned out to be more problematic than expected, with the recent controversy triggered by a user who said that Apple Music ended up canceling its library in the process.

The new Apple Music presented today an app with a new graphic design: larger images and covers, greater lettering, song lyrics not clear where they get them, but interesting that the news comes not long after the divorce between Spotify and the Italian MusiXmatch that provided them.

The main revolution, however, will be newtab. A Library panel, which collects music allowing navigation, by the usual criteria: artists, songs, albums, playlists (which previously had a dedicated tab), recently added songs and downloaded songs, to separate local and purchased music from streams . Lanuova tab For You the area of curation, includes a new discovery mix customized on the user that reminds a lot of Spotify's discover weekly playlist only that Apple's is updated every day. "Connect", the space dedicated to artist updates, has been inserted here (previously it had its own tab). A new Browse section explicitly dedicated to navigating the streaming section, and then the already present streaming radio dedicated to Beats 1, presented a bit pompously as the most listened to radio in the world.

Also iTunes will be renewed,even if seen only in the background, in an image and not a single word has been dedicated to it. No mention also of the commercial offer, which therefore will likely remain identical to the current one – and in line with the main opponents.

Baster? Nothing innovative, just as Apple Music was not innovative at launch. You have to try it, to get clearer ideas, but the first feeling that Apple continues to chase Spotify and struggles to make its streaming a truly innovative service.


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