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Apple Music also available on the web on all platforms

Apple Music also available on the web on all platforms

Apple Music becomes officially accessible from the web, thus expanding the methods of use for all subscribers. Beta testing has been underway since September, and in this time frame Apple has tried to make the browser experience as similar to what we already find on MacOS.

With the web version you can access the library, on the radios, search functions and all playlists. The personalized contents include all those edited by the editors, it is also possible to have access to the rankings and selections based on our listenings. Moreover, to users who they visit the site for the first time the free trial will be offered by logging in with Apple ID.

The music player also comes with an interface identical to that of the Music app on Mac, with the playback controls, the scroll bar and the album art displayed on the screen. Instead, secondary functions are missing, such as the possibility of displaying the lyrics of the songs.

With web access via any browser and platform – Windows, Linux, ChromeOS and so on – Apple Music could therefore do without its native client, entering even more in direct competition with its bitter rival Spotify – which meanwhile continues to grow.

Access to the web version of Apple Music is available at the link in SOURCE.