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Apple moves to the Italian iBooks store for iPad

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Apple has started contacting some Italian publishing houses to build the iBooks store in a tricolor key. The information is reported by some sources that came into contact with our site and that we believe are very reliable and able to have had access to the information that has been provided to us.

According to what we have been told, the process starts with companies that mainly deal with school editions with the evident attempt to open a channel, that of the educational world, which in the USA has also been indicated as the main initial contact person of the iPad as a support for digital books. The goal would most likely be to arrive at a rapid definition of the technical process and the economic framework in view of a launch of an Italian iBooks store for autumn 2010.

The initiative, according to our sources, would still be in the preliminary stage; the publishing houses contacted for other reasons may be in need of taking time, waiting to check the reception level of the tablet on the Italian market. If, as possible, the iPad were to be particularly successful among the young audience, it could be significantly easier for Apple to convince its interlocutors of the validity of the iBooks project.

A certain factor could be the experience that some publishers are having on the App Store. Some typically paper works, once translated into digital, have had great sales success; the same is happening with tourist guides, cookbooks, comics and even the classics and this even if their cost is higher, if not decidedly higher, than that of the iPhone applications, a sign that there is already a market for iBooks even if iPhone, unlike iPad, it certainly does not have the characteristics to be an ideal e-book reader.