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Apple more tolerant in approving iPhone applications?

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Is Apple more tolerant in approving iPhone applications? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple would be adopting a more tolerant attitude in the approval phase of new applications for the iPhone. This is what the experience of Vimov, a software development company based in Alexandria in Egypt indicates: an update for the iSimulate application, a program that makes it possible to use the multi-touch and accelerometer in the iPhone Simulator for Mac, despite making use of reserved APIs, it has been approved by Apple: the Cupertino house has only requested that in the next version of the program the callback to the private APIs be removed (in the code).

"It would be appropriate to solve this problem with a future update" wrote Apple in a message sent to the developers. Apple has often been criticized for its overly rigorous attitude in the application approval phase: any program that violates the rules or potentially such has been blocked, with in some cases excessive and even ridiculous zeal.

A few weeks ago the news that the house of the nibbled apple has started to use an automated system to probe the use of reserved calls in applications for iPhone and iPod Touch, a tool that aims to identify applications that could hidden access to the reserved API avoiding the verification system and the rules established by Apple, an excellent tool to speed up the approval phase of the applications even more.

Apple's approval for the call of confidential APIs by third-party developers obviously to be taken with the pliers: the company may also have simply considered turning a blind eye and only in this case. Apple, however, may also have decided to release the rope after more and more developers have complained about excessive restrictive policies in approving various applications.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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