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Apple, modular over-ear headphones and Powerbeats Pro 2 coming soon

Apple, modular over-ear headphones and Powerbeats Pro 2 coming soon

After announcing the Powerbeats 4 a month ago, Apple would be ready to launch a new model of Powerbeats Pro, the true wireless headphones that we reviewed last fall, calling them the "AirPods for athletes". And not only that: a reports of Bloomberg go back to talking about Apple's high-end headphones. A product that should be over-ear and which had already appeared in some catalogs under the name of " AirPods Generation X", which they now emerge from new details up how will it be is when it will hit the market.


Let's start right from the headphones that will come out with the logo of the bitten apple, and of which only a little we have been able to make a first idea thanks to two iconiscovate in the betadi iOS 14. The surprise that the design, according to the sources of Bloomberg who could see the prototypes, it should be distant from the models over-ear proposed by Beats brand, like the Beats Studio 2 or the Solo Pro, and present elements that were impossible to imagine based only on the small icons we have for now.

Theredistinctive featureIn fact, it should be onemodular construction, withinterchangeable parts.Bloombergtalk about alook "retr", withoval pavilionswhich apparently aremagnetically attached to the frame, so as to allow the user to replace and customize them. Is alwaysmagnetic also the headband, which will then be possible to replace. An approach similar to some models of Master & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins, although in this case only the ear cushions are magnetic.

In short, a modular design that aims to create acustomization marketsimilar to that developed around Apple Watch.But it may not be just an aesthetic factor: a similar solution allows for example toadapt the headphones to different situations of use. Two that seem destined to come out, for example, are a lighter and more designed fitness configuration for the headband, and another that instead embellished with leather-like finishes.

At the level of built-in technology, apparently there will be noise cancellation as on AirPods Pro, touch controls and support for Siri for voice control.

And theprice? It will be a premium product, and therefore will occupy that market segment that gravitates around$ 350list price. The project under development since at least 2018, and has undergone various shifts: in Cupertino they have planned alaunchingwithinthis year, but we need to understand itglobal health emergencycould lead to afurther referral.


Last week we talked to you about how it seems that Apple wants to give more and more importance to its AirPods, even at the expense of Beats products, a brand of which it also owns. In the meantime, however, they filter the first tracks of the new model of Powerbeats Pro from the databaseFCC.

The FCC product ID code BCGA2453, the description speaks of "fully wireless high performance headphones"and corresponds to Apple's A2453 and A2454 models, which could therefore be two versions of the Powerbeats Pro, portrayed in the following sketches.

Apple has applied to the FCC for secrete the images exterior device, internal components and user manual until 12 October 2020: which gives us one time window well defined within which to expect the launching.

For now the information we have stop here, and we can just add the frequency at which the headphones will operate, or 2.402-2.48 GHz. One of the features that we can imagine for the next generation of Powerbeats Pro is the noise cancellation already implemented on AirPods Pro: still for a while we will have to keep the noise filter active, to separate the good indiscretions from the less credible ones.