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Apple managers return to buy AAPL shares

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After selling low between spring and summer, Apple managers and executives returned to buy shares in the Cupertino company.

According to official prepayments, which under American law must keep track of this type of operations, the board of directors Artur Levinson bought the first of August 50,000 shares between 14.87 and 14.90 $ each.

Also in August, Cupertino executives purchased a total of $ 219 million worth of shares, 67% more than they did in July.

Some managers of Lucent and LSI Logic, two major Apple suppliers, also bought Cupertino shares.

We recall that in June a massive sale of shares by important Cupertino managers had raised suspicion of insider trading. Apple later announced that the profits for the quarter would not be in line with expectations.

The action would be punishable under American law if it were ascertained that it had been carried out on the basis of financial information not freely available to the public.

Fred Anderson had dismissed the accusation against the sender during a press meeting claiming that the managers would not have sold the shares if they had known that Apple would not hit the profit forecast for the quarter.