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Apple managers continue to sell shares

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Apple managers continue to sell stocks – logomacitynet1200wide 1

0.29%. Apple shares ended up on the market in the last two weeks on the initiative of the company's managers, in percentage terms, and in rapid succession the SEC, forced to record sales by strict legislation aimed at preventing the phenomenon of insider trading, has disclosed that Anderson (chief financial officer) Nancy Heiden, general adviser, Sina Tamaddon, vice president of applications, and Timothy Cook, head of world sales, have placed some of their shares on the market. number of shares was Timothy Cook who four times sold 342,500 shares for a value of approximately 10 million euros. Anderson sold (in two lots) 259,000 shares for approximately 7 million euros while Tamaddon sold 250,000 shares. Heiden has twice renounced 200,000 shares for a value of approximately 5.5 million euros. Overall, these are one million shares which represent 0.29 of Apple's 366 million shares. on the stock market by managers committed to monetizing the shares they receive as an integral part of their salary, they are always followed with great interest by shareholders and analysts. In fact, it is believed that, apart from exceptional cases, these movements coincide with moments of "peak" of the course in question, in our case Apple, assuming that those who operate from within the company know when to best sell and when to better hold on shares in view of future hikes.We remember that in the last few weeks Apple has been contracted several times very close to the highs since September 2000 when the known collapse occurred which halved the value of AAPL over the course of a day.

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