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Apple, Maiden's large data center offers few jobs

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300 people, of whom only 50 full time. Here are the jobs that Apple offers, according to an article in the Washington Post, in the large datacenter of Maiden, in North Carolina. A very small number of employees if we consider the specific weight of the system in Apple's economy and a very small amount, above all, if compared with the hopes of the American city community that had placed high hopes in the project in the face of an economy in crisis , hit by the flight from the textile and furniture industry and local businesses that have relocated their production plants abroad, contributing to the unemployment rate which reaches 13% of the active population in the area.

Michelle Bailey, vice president of Internatinal Data Corp, an expert in the sector who studies the trend of data centers and offers advice to the municipality, explains to the newspaper how it is obvious that such infrastructures do not offer an immediate return but are a way to modernize the country and installations strategic to attract investment by new businesses. Todd Cherry, director of the Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis at Appalachian State University is more pragmatic and says that data centers are mostly a psychological benefit for politicians and populations: these agreements give the impression that there is someone who want to invest and settle there. When the project was announced, the local authorities had decided to say that the new data center could have made possible the indirect creation of 3000 new jobs for the next ten years.

Two people have so far had great economic benefits since the arrival of Apple: Donnie and Kathy Fulbrigh, an elderly couple residing former owners of the land where the data center was built: in October last year they agreed to leave home and 4000 m2 of land at the end of various negotiations managing to obtain compensation of 1.7 million dollars: not bad for a land of less than an acre purchased for 6,000 dollars less than 35 years ago. With patience and intelligence, the couple declined Apple's offers twice, until Apple threw in the towel and agreed to purchase the necessary lot at the data center.

Like other big companies in the sector (Google and Facebook), Apple has chosen Corolina del Nord for the many benefits offered to those who decide to invest in these areas: 50% discount on the cost of land and tax reduction (a saving of 46 million dollars in ten years).

In any case, Apple continues to invest in the area: of particular interest, for example, the plans for the expanse of solar panels. An ecological power system, driven by renewable energy of considerable size, will rise next to the data room from where iCloud is managed.

(By Mauro Notarianni)