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Apple loses the boss of the MobileMe service

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Apple loses the boss of MobileMe services. This was announced by Pablo Calamera, the name of the manager, Thumbplay, a company that deals with 'on the cloud' services with synchronization, access and data exchange and which plans to launch a system for the use of information and content in streaming. According to what the new Calamera company communicated, the former Apple executive will become its CTO, Chief Technology Officer, thus assuming the role of main technical reference for Thumbplay's services.

The departure of the former MobileMe boss is a major factor in Cupertino's general strategies both in a current and, above all, a future key. For years, Apple has been trying to impose its online suite known first as iTools, then as .Mac, and finally as MobileMe. For now, for the service left in the mind of Apple's customers only for some embarrassing slips, in particular in the new MobileMe version. Launched at the time of the iPhone 3G's debut, the service suffered especially in the first weeks of loss of email messages, poor reliability, intermittent operation, incorrect credit card charges and several other problems. Steve Jobs himself had admitted, even if only internally, that the start of the service had been below standards and expectations. Subsequently MobileMe regained its share, but undermined by free services that do more or less the same thing and clouded by the failures of the first days, it is still struggling to establish itself.

It is difficult to say if Calamera's departure has to do with the controversial events of MobileMe or if, equally probably, the streets of Apple and its manager have separated because the interests no longer coincided. The hypothesis is all the more concrete if we consider that Apple has just incorporated the team which could give rise to an 'on the could' service for music, perhaps to be incorporated into MobileMe; for the rest it must also be said that the same ThumbPlay seems willing to compete on this plan by providing streaming music with a service called ThumbPlay Music.