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Apple, less sales than expected?

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Apple, less sales than expected? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple could perhaps reach the estimated profits but probably will miss the target in terms of turnover. Prudential Securities market analyst Kimberly Alexy says so, Alexy says that the crisis in the computer market and the slowdown in the pace of PC replacement continued to affect the quarter that has just ended, damaging the hopes of the councils in some cases of administration of those in charge of financial operations who will be disappointed with the goals they had set themselves. Among these there would also be managers of Apple who, like those of IBM, could perhaps also hit the profit forecasts but may see the target of turnover escape. Higher margins, therefore, but fewer machines, therefore, it seems to understand.But Big Blue and the Cupertino company, after all, would not be the realities that are worse. Before the official press conference announcing the results, Compaq and Gateway may soon have a negative quarter in terms of turnover as well as profits. The future could even be worse. Do not exclude, for example, that Gateway may close in red due to the pressure of prices, constantly falling and the sales volumes still low. The prospects could improve when the replacement cycle determined by Windows XP begins, "but this will not happen that within 12 or 15 months, ”said Merrill Lynch's Steve Fortuna. And even at that point unspoken that there will be a sharp rise in profits because there may be a downturn in the markets of Asia and Europe, today less troubled than the USA.

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