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Apple launches the new 800 Mhz Titanium with eMac side dish

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Other than "just" an update of the Titanium. Apple had big surprises in store for today … The Titanium, as we will say, there is, but together with the Titanium there is also a machine that everyone had rattled, expected, invoked and that finally Apple launches on the market: the iMac da 17 inches with CRT screen.

The eMac, this is the brand with which it will be marketed, is characterized precisely by the 17-inch screen with ultra-flat screen and shortened tube (almost a centimeter shorter than the old iMacs) with resolutions up to 1280 × 960. Inside a 700 MHz G4 processor and respectable hardware equipment: 40 GB disk, 56K modem, GeForce 2MX card with 32 MB of Ram, audio in, headphone sockets, five USB ports and two FireWire and all Apple's traditional software equipment for consumer products, including AppleWorks.An eye and cross this machine, which probably shares the same motherboard as the iMac LCD, of great interest for the whole market and not only for the educational one such as Apple he explains in his press release. For example, it is also suitable for printing services and for those who do not want to spend the numbers on which the LCD is placed in a domestic use. The prices, at least those currently available and which refer to the US market, appear particularly interesting. : $ 999 for the CD-ROM version; $ 1199 for the version with $ 1199.

Also during the day today Apple also presented a new version of the Titanium, also with a novelty of substance.Apple cites a new 1280 × 854 screen, 23% higher than the previous model, processor up to 800 MHz, bus from 133 MHz and 1 MB of third level cache. The latter feature will certainly increase the efficiency of processing in critical applications such as digital audio and video.

In addition, the new Titanium also has a DVI video port that allows it to be connected externally to a whole series of new displays. The graphics card is a Radeon 7500 Mobility

Apple, certainly not surprisingly, also launches a new DVI-ADC adapter that would allow the Titanium to be connected to Apple monitors with the new connector.

Returning to Titanium the disks are up to 40 GB. Two models, one 667 MHz (cost 2499 $ on the US market) and 800 MHz with price from 3199 $

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