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Apple: "Key News for Mac OS X"

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Apple: "Fundamental news for Mac OS X" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple tries to blow on the fire of waiting for the WWDC which opens next Monday in San Jos. The need is for the almost weekly declarations released to some sites that push on the news that will appear in Jaguar.

Yesterday are the proclamations of Richard Kerris, among the managers of the sector that deals with relations with developers, at Maccentral. According to Kerris Apple will take advantage of the conference not only to present what Mac Os X is, but also to offer a glimpse of what it will be. "We will show Jaguar – says Kerris – but we will also talk about many things that will come in the future".

Among these, Kerris says something that will happen at a low level in the system and that no platform has ever tried before and that will be available to all applications "

Kerris then confirmed that WWDC will be characterized by the presence of numerous Java and Unix developers who are trying their hand at developing in Cocoa and Carbon.

"We have developers from sectors where we have wanted to be for years – says Kerr – there are over 30 film production companies, companies operating in the scientific and educational field"

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