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Apple Italy seeks managers for iPhone campaign

Apple Italia seeks managers for iPhone campaign logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple wants a solid sales strategy for the Italian iPhone market. This is what can be deduced from some personal research announcements that have appeared over the last few days on the appropriate Cupertino website. In fact, Apple is looking for three key figures for managers whose task will be to create the right conditions for the success of the telephone on our market.

At the top of the iPhone team for Italy there will be a manager account. His job, reads in the job offer description, will be to 'manage and develop the entire iPhone business for Italy and manage the iPhone channel with continuous refinements and Apple's coverage model'. The main focus of this figure will be to ensure that the expected sales volumes are achieved.

Apple is also looking for a Channel Account Manager for iPhone. Resellers will refer to this executive regarding the iPhone sales authorizations and the arrangement of the stores with regards to iPhone merchandising. As known, Apple demands a clear and distinct visibility of its products with equally clear guidelines, so as to distinguish its phone from the rest of the offer.

Finally Apple also wants an intern entirely dedicated to iPhone. His assignment will be to travel from shop to shop incognito to verify that the stores fully respond to Apple's requests. The "mystery shopping" will also be useful to keep prices and the attitude of the shopkeepers towards the offer actually advertised under control; this is particularly important in light of what is happening in various points of the sales network where problems continue to occur, such as refusal, giving an example (not surprisingly) to sell iPhones without a contract.

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