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Apple is working on new HomePods, Apple TVs, Macs and iPads despite Covid-19

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Despite containment measures for the Covid-19 epidemic that force most Apple engineers to work from home, the Cupertino multinational has not stopped the development of future products: the new versions of HomePod, Apple TV, MacBook Pro , iPad (entry level), Apple Watch and iMac are always in the pipeline and planned for this year. Of course, Apple is also working on the iPhone 2020, a new range that should also arrive this year in the autumn, although advances continue to alternate which from time to time indicate the release in September or postponed.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, movement restrictions will be in place at least until the first days of May, although there is already talk of an extension. The containment measures for Covid-19 do not facilitate Apple's operations: in addition to the numerous innovations in the pipeline despite coronavirus, Bloomberg reports complications deriving from the legendary culture of secrecy Apple, which must be respected in the company and which greatly complicates agile work.

HomeTime, Slack, Jabber (Cisco) or WebEx rely on communications between Apple Park home-bound employees, while Quip (Salesforce) and Box are used for file sharing, accepting some compromises for potential inconveniences from breaches in the security of the protocols used by the various services. In early March, Apple began encouraging employees to work as much as possible from home, in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus, so Apple Park has long been half-empty.

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The site The Information reports of problems Apple employees faced. As for some hardware prototypes these are at a standstill because Apple's guidelines require you to work on these products in safe labs. The inability to use equipment found in the office also complicates stress and drop tests, as well as the inability to use milling machines and 3D printers for prototyping.

Apple would have decided to create new protocols to follow to allow some employees to bring future hardware home. At the moment, a vice president's placet is needed to bring home any device, prototype or machinery; work on operating systems also requires coordination and placet with higher ranking staff members. Despite everything, the company should be able to respect the traditional calendar, with some important news that should be presented in June, on the occasion of WWDC 2020 which this year will have been transformed into a completely online and digital event.

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