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Apple is slated to start manufacturing 12-inch MacBooks

Apple is slated to start manufacturing 12-inch MacBooks


Apple is slated to start manufacturing 12-inch MacBooks

The new 12-inch MacBook Air ready to hit the market. In fact, in recent days Apple has intensified the rumors that see the pproduction starts at the beginning of 2015 with subsequent marketing in June or July 2015. The new 12-inch MacBook Air will be marketed in three silver, gold and gray colors just like the new iPhones and will be even thinner and lighter than previous generations.

The new 12-inch MacBook Air will mount the Intel Broadwell processor which will allow you to increase performance by reducing energy consumption to a minimum. The form factor will always be in aluminum with a very thin profile and with the weight that should be around the kg. The marketing set for summer 2015 and it is rumored that the design will be very similar to that seen on the new iPhones and therefore Apple has in mind not only to unify the software platform with OSX and iOS soon married but also unify the design between different mobile devices.

As for prices, we know nothing but we can speculate that they will align with the prices of the current MacBook Air based on the size of the SSD and the processor power.

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